National Pasta Day & Wages

By Robert Hand
October 18, 2023

Today is National Pasta Day so remember the food service workers that bring you that delicious lasagna. We are curious as to why restaurants in Louisiana have such a difficult time getting workers, so we did some research and have the answer.

Average Wage For The Person That Brings You The Lasagna

There are about 1,100,000 food service workers in Louisiana, which include chefs, bartenders, waiters & waitresses, dishwashers and hostesses. Their average annual wage is $25,340, about 20% less than the national average of $32,130 and $2,540 less than what they could earn in Texas.

Bottom 10% Of Wage Earners

The range of wages is wide because food service has a wide skill set. The highest earners are the chefs which may have culinary school training and the bottom 10% of wage earners would be the dishwashers with an average annual wage of $17,390 in Louisiana, about 20% less than the national average.

Top 10% of Wage Earners

The top 10% of food service would be the skilled workers who earn an annual average of $45,150 nationally and $35,480 in Louisiana. The top 10% wage earner gets $13,020 annually more than the average, or 40%. In Louisiana, the top 10% earn $10,000 more than average, which is the same 40%. But if you are a top food wage earner in Louisiana, there is only a $2,000 annual gain in moving to Texas and only a $2,000 annual loss in moving to Mississippi.


So remember your food service workers in Louisiana and mention that culinary school could make them an extra $10,000 a year and thanks for not moving to Texas.

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