Virus by Louisiana Numbers

By Robert Hand
March 28, 2020
louisiana positive covid19 cases
map of louisiana positive covid19 cases

Louisiana Coronavirus Update

3,315 positive cases with 137 deaths due to COVID19.

3.2 million:

Number of adults in Louisiana.

3,315 or 1 in 1000:

Have the virus. If you go to Home Depot today, you are around approximately 150 people. Per trip.

927 or 1 out of 3:

In the hospital that have the virus.

336 or 1 out of 3:

On ventilator that are in the hospital.

137 or 1 out of 2.5

Dead that were on the ventilator.

If you remember your statistics class in business school, the math says if you get the virus, the odds of dying is the sum of 1/3 times 1/3 times 1/2.5 or one in twenty-five.

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